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Way Marker Trail

Look out for the markers like on the left

This page is for those that just walk the walk and want to find out more, existing Way Markers around Southforeland have been updated by Skill Horizons and given a QR code that will take the user to the relevant page for more info and pictures, to gain a greater understanding of South Foreland Battery with then and now pictures (due to Covid19 QR codes not currently in place)

Places Marked with Way Marker

  • Anti Gun
  • Magazine for No 4 Gun
  • Deep Shelter
  • Living Quarters
  • Number 2 Gun
  • Magazine for No 2 & 3 Gun
  • Magazine for No 1 Gun
  • Number 1 Gun
  • Deep Shelter & Fortress Plotting Room
  • South Foreland Lighthouse
  • Number 3 Gun
  • Battery Observation Post

Some of the things you will learn about:

Educational Trail

As well as the walking trail and Geocaching trail this can be a quick educational trail, or one that can be accessed in class for a classroom activitiy email for more info

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