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In our third year with Fallow Fields Campsite, we offere a secluded setting for a school residential


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Benefits of a residential 

Rockbrook camp said: If you’ve been to camp, you’re not surprised to hear about the benefits of a residential. Experiencing life at camp yourself as a child, you know the profound positive effects that still matter to you as an adult, and you also know that you want something just as important for your own kids.

But if you didn’t go to camp as a child, you may not realize just how good the experience is for children. You may not know why so many parents are committed to sending their children. So while we have talked about most of these before, here is a list of the most important benefits of summer camp.

At camp, children:

10. Spend their day being physically active – As children spend so much time these days inside and mostly sitting down, our residentials provides a wonderful opportunity to move. Running,  jumping, archery, fire lighting hiking and bushcraft activities! Camp is action!

9. Experience success and become more confident – Camp helps children build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing the kind of academic, athletic and social competition that shapes their lives at school. With its non-competitive activities and diverse opportunities to succeed, camp life is a real boost for young people. There’s accomplishment every day. Camp teaches kids that they can.

8. Gain resiliency – The kind of encouragement and nurture kids receive at camp makes it a great environment to endure setbacks, try new (and thereby maybe a little frightening) things, and see that improvement comes when you give something another try. Camp helps conquer fears.

7. Unplug from technology – When kids take a break from TV, cell phones, and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities, and real emotions. They realize, there’s always plenty to do. Camp is real!

6. Develop life-long skills – Camps provide the right instruction, equipment and facilities for kids to enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents, and their adventure skills. The sheer variety of activities offered at camp makes it easy for kids to discover and develop what they like to do. Camp expands every child’s abilities.

5. Grow more independent – Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding every move. Managing their daily choices in the safe, caring environment of camp, children welcome this as a freedom to blossom in new directions. Camp helps kids develop who they are.

[Girls Make Best Friends at Summer Camp]

4. Have free time for unstructured play – Free from the overly-structured, overly-scheduled routines of home and school, life at camp gives children much needed free time to just play. Camp is a slice of carefree living where kids can relax, laugh, and be silly all day long. At camp we play!

3. Learn social skills – Coming to camp means joining a close-knit community where everyone must agree to cooperate and respect each other. When they live in a cabin with others, kids share chores, resolve disagreements, and see firsthand the importance of sincere communication. Camp builds teamwork.

2. Reconnect with nature – Camp is a wonderful antidote to “nature deficit disorder,” to the narrow experience of modern indoor life. Outdoor experience enriches kid’s perception of the world and supports healthy child development. Camp gets kids back outside.

1. Make true friends – Camp is the place where kids make their very best friends. Free from the social expectations pressuring them at school, camp encourages kids to relax and make friends easily. All the fun at camp draws everyone together— singing, laughing, talking, playing, doing almost everything together. Everyday, camp creates friendships.

See? Camp is great.


What Is A Residential?

Education is an important part of developing as person, and there are many ways of this happening. School takes up a large chunk of a child’s life and is where a lot of fundamentals are taught and a child develops the initial knowledge base where they will form their ideas from and a thirst for learning.

School trips and Residentials are a way of augmenting the learning process, by taking your children outside of their usual classroom environment and getting them to have a different learning experience. 

The Importance Of School Trips & Residentials

Some of the reasons that school trips have a huge importance include:

–          Building For Later Life – one really useful way of building in later life skills is to have a school trip or a residential. 

–          Behaviour – although there’s a certain risk element in taking children with behavioural problems away from school, research has also showed that it can have a positive effect to put them  in an environment that is different and potentially far more stimulating.

–          Improved Attendance – it has been suggested by research that activities away from school improves a child’s attendance, as it incentives them into more participation in the education process. By offering a method of learning that seems more engaging, then truancy levels can be cut.

–          Context – taking students out of the school environment to a relevant attraction  can be a huge step towards helping them get a better grasp of the subject material.  For example, somewhere like Eden Camp looks to recreate world war two, whereas a science centre contextualises science that can’t be done in a classroom.

Where Is The Best Place To Take A School Trip?

There is no right or wrong way to go about arranging a school trip. The important thing to remember is that you are trying to help the children you are responsible for grow and develop. Therefore the school trip that you want to take them on needs to have a benefit to them. However it is also worth considering that as the term comes to an end a school trip can just be about having a good time and letting everyone get the most of their time together – especially if they are soon to be leaving.

By Learning Outside the Classroom

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