Employability & Rehabilitation

Adult Course:

Ex-Offenders 6 week reabilitation course

Focusing on raising self-estime, confidence and team building. 

Spouses Employment Course

Skill Horizons did 5 day course focusing on employability, CV Writing, Interview Techniques, job hunting and more. Enabling the participant to be prepared for applying for jobs and sitting interviews. 

For Service/Veteran dependants Lifeworks course are now available in Kent via Royal British Legion Industries, for more info click on link below



Spouses Employment Skills:


Course were delivered in Folkestone and Dover over 6 months at various schools to military and civilian parents.  For the service community the tools and experiences they learnt on the course will assist them on their next posting as a military dependent, as their husbands, serving members in the Armed Forces, are being posted to another location in the UK in August, and they wanted to ensure that they had up to date CVs, effective ways to search for jobs as well as preparing for, and using positive body language throughout an interview. 






Career planning and setting realistic goals 

Individual and group sessions to guide and assist you improving your work options


Researching and understanding work and training options 

What opportunities match your transferable skills and attributes


Understanding and completing application forms

Learning the most effective way to understand and complete comprehensive forms


Creating effective C.Vs 

How to create effective and professional CVs to impress employers and get that all important interview


Interview techniques and remote interview techniques

Learning about positive body language, do's and dont's at an interview, different styles of interviews and leaving that all important lasting impression



Soft Skills


  • Team development activities help the students understand how their behaviour affects others.
  • Participants learn how to improve their personal and team performance by developing their communication skills and altering their attitudes and behaviours
  • Experiental learning provides an active student centered experience that can be tailored for all abilities
  • The children will gain self-confidence and a greater understanding of their strengths and skills 
  • The activities provide a space to learn, how to assess and take reasonable risks and challange the childrens assumptions about their limitations, which helps prepare  them for new challanges such as the transition to Further Education, Apprenticeships, Traineeships or Employment


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