Saga were our latest clients on a cold wet day in December, but the weather didn't dampen their spirits, and they spent the morning team building and then in the afternoon braved the elements in full military clothing to put their communication, navigation and team work into action along the White Cliffs of Dover.

SHout was commisioned to develop a concept to engage with future teachers and then worked with TMP Worldwide UK to bring it to life.

It was an absolute pleasure to be involved with this project and especially Liz and Ertu who made it a joy, watch the finished production here...

Corporate & Businesses, on FIRE ...




Experiental Learning


We offer bespoke training to organisations that want their employees to thrive.  

By running fun, interactive sessions individuals get the opportunity  to reflect and improve their soft skills such as




Exploring ways to effectively communicate within groups or individually




The benefits of working within a team and the different dynamics that maximises team performance 




Looking at different leadership qualities and how to use these to maximise teamwork, cohesiveness and productivity




Building individuals' passion and motivation to complete objectives and serve as a driving force in achievement




Exploring that no matter how hard it gets, you dont give up, find different solutions to keep on going




Uses techniques to approach change in a positive and constructive manner


Problem Solving


Exploring details of a problem to reach a solution




To initiate, guide and maintain goal orientated behaviour


Time Management


Introducing schedules, priorities and other techniques to be more effective


All these aeas will have a deep impact of the day to day running of their organisation and staff that can have a huge influence on productivity.



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