Here are some of the projects completed in 2018 

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Complete Campfire:


You can take any element or have a complete campfire setting, this includes seats, firepit and double lined parachut canopy top.  Seats can be straight or curved benches, or tree trunks.  The fire pit confirms to safety standards to minimise continual heat beneath.


The fire pit can have the accessories such as tripod or fire grate for cooking.


Harvesting fruit and vegetables is both educational and rewarding, bemnefits of having your own school garden is hands on learning, increased wellbeing and understanding of the natural environment, curriculum value in maths and science, not everyone learns well in a classroom but can benefit from learning outside it. I could waffle on, but this article covers it all:


Compost Toilets:


We have built many style this is a tarp finish with wooden floor and wooden door, we also build wooden huts around the toilet depending on the clients requirements. The whole beneath the seat is over 6ft deep, and after each use the user puts a scoop of sawdust down - no tissue/wipes go down the toilet these are bagged and disposed off at the end of each session. More pictures at bottom of page in final gallery


Ponds are one of the best ways to attract wildlife into your school grounds. No matter how large or small, a pond will guarantee the arrival of a whole range of wildlife including frogs, newts, insects and plants. This pond we built and incorporated the school community and created cohesium.


Curriculum Link: Science, social studies, art, reading.

Amphitheatre with Stage


This bespoke amphitheatre was built for St Richards School in Dover, its an open-air venue used for entertainment, performances that faces a purposely built stage. It was built on an unused bank, that had a cerment slop and on the lower level a wooden climbing frame, all of which was removed to make way for the fabulous outside classroom.

Due to the weather its not quite finished and will post new photos soon


Final Gallery: Other items we have built including Ampitheatre, Stage, Steps, Kitchen, tables to name but a few

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