We specialise in building bespoke projects to fit your needs 

 A dull and uninspiring outdoor area can leave the user feeling unexcited, or even lead to them misbehaving at break times. Investing a little love into your school playground and making even simple changes to the outdoor environment can improve the space and the students’ behaviour. It’s important for children to be stimulated both inside and outside of the classroom.

Identify your problem areas like areas out of bounds, disrepair, restricted areas, unused areas and create something inspiring.

We have built areas in isolation and with the children to create a sense of ownership and learning how to use tools safely. Its great having the children involved as gives a sense of ownership and allows them to use tools to gain greater understanding and ability.

We read the Ofsteds recommendations and work with the school to create functional outside areas, here are some we have delivered in Kent . . . . 



Establish the heart of your outside area and you will bring a sense of coheison to all those that visit and enjoy the area. Curriculum linked to science, geography and maths

Plant to Plate

We build areas with the children and then give suitable tasks age appropriate for younger children this include watering plants, harvesting produce and planting seeds. Older children are physically capable of handling a greater variety of activities, like digging, carrying, planting, mulching and pruning. Curriculum linked to maths, science and geography


Children are brought up building dens, that can take on all sorts of shapes and sizes, our shelters can be utilised for anything needed, from seating to storage

Compost Toilet

When you don't want to disrupt the session to go back to a building then a compost loo is a valuable asset: A composting toilet is a type of waterless toilet or micro-flush toilet system that uses a predominantly aerobic process to treat human excreta by composting or managed aerobic decomposition


From reading circles to outside classroom, to utilised wasted spaces turn them into something useable

Ampitheatre & Stage

Ergonomic and minimalist designs that fill your space, great use of banks that can not be used in the play day.

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