Overview of some of our programmes

Skill Horizons is more than just somewhere that teachers give lessons. We see ourselves as a facility where participants learn for life. This allows our staff to be more than just highly qualified experts in their different subject areas. Their educational expertise and personal commitment make significant contributions to fostering our culture of mutual respect and cooperation. 

Team Building Skills
Being able to recognize the skills that you possess or need to enhance is no easy task. These experiential learning activities allows individuals to enhance these skills in a practical sense and honestly reflect on how to improve them and link them to real life situations. Being able to work within a team effectively and recognize other people’s roles, and the skills and strengths they possess is essential to being more productive and continuously develop.
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Innovation Skills
These experiential learning activities allow individuals to recognize and use essential work and life skills in practical activities. The group evaluations allows them to honestly reflect on their performance and to identify areas of achievement and for improvement
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Geocaching Skills
The benefits of geocaching are far beyond just being outside the classroom environment. In addition to promoting a healthier lifestyle, students gain a greater respect and understanding of the local environment. The activity provides the students with a memorable and fun learning experience that compliments the chosen curriculum
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Forest School Skills
Forest school skills provides learners of all abilities and aptitudes to develop their confidence and self-esteem through hands on experiential learning experiences. The skills learnt offer more learning opportunities than just the practical skill itself and can be linked to a variety of curriculum subjects.
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Employment Skills
With technology and the Internet continuously evolving students need to ensure that they stay abreast of current trends and initiatives that will assist them with their education and employment needs. This program is essential to students in Year 10 – 13. Being able to recognize their skills and attributes and to link these to real events and environments. From basics such as how to shake someone’s hand and create a good first impression to how to leave a long lasting impression at the end of an interview.
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