Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game played by real people in the real world 


Geocachers use devices — GPS receivers or GPS-enabled smartphones 


capable of communicating with the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to navigate to a specific latitude and longitude (known as a set of GPS coordinates)


If you need an exciting new hobby or want to try something that allows you to combine your love of technology with nature and exploration, geocaching is for you, and what better place to try it out, than exploring South Foreland Battery on the

White Cliffs near Dover make significant contributions to fostering our culture of mutual respect and cooperation


Enjoy the trail on foot, it covers different terrains and surfaces,

sturdy footwear is advisable


Geocaching encourages exploration, climbing, thinking and moving to find the way points along the trail to unlock hidden information that await discovery

New Geocache Trail is usually done by Skill Horizons in groups with a leader, but understand that people want to take their own family/friends out.  So we are trialling a self led tour, the map is for reference and bearings when doing the geocache, should you get lost or confused, you can navigate back to where you last were using the map.image with text

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