Engaging Outside

High-quality outdoor learning experiences are proven to: develop reflective and inquisitive thinking along with problem-solving approaches in ‘real’ situations.


Encourage holistic development of participants, develop resilience and adaptability in occasionally adverse circumstances, allow participants to become more able to identify hazards and risks

Reduce Anxiety & Depression

Why wouldn't you get outside when its so good for your health


It has been scientifically proven that sunshine can make us happier. A study conducted by the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia found that the amounts of sunlight participants’ received directly affected their mood (8). The team also found that with increased sunlight exposure, participants’ levels of serotonin increased, which improved stress levels, sleep and appetite.

Getting out and connecting with nature in general has a positive effect on those suffering from anxiety and depression. There is something to be said about the natural vibe a forest or beach gives off – and it’s definitely a positive one.

One size doesn't fit all

Vocational training provided by our team of experts

Beach School

Take part in a creative group that teaches you about the ever changing tides and life on the beach with a Beach School Teacher

Forest School

Using the Forest School Ethos of free learning/exploring with a Level 3 Forest School Leader

Outdoor Learning

For larger groups, the possibilities are endless, by qualified and professional staff

Local Woodlands

Woodlands we use for educational purposes with groups

Spinny Woods

WCCP: Spinney Wood is an attractive woodland on the edge of the former mining village of Aylesham. It is a mix of ancient woodland and a more recent plantation of trees such as beech. During the spring there are colourful displays of wild flowers such as bluebells and wood anemones, but other rare plants such as lady orchid and white helleborine can be found growing hereeaches you how to craft wood products. 

Paraker Woods

An ancient woodland set back from the seafront in the Seabrook Valley near Folkestone, Paraker Wood benefits from colourful displays of wildflowers in spring.

The steep sides of Paraker Wood Pocket Park rise up from the coast as part of the Seabrook Valley, which leads from the sea up to Cheriton, and to the high fields which border it on its northern side.

Ancient Woodland

How to identify Ancient Woodland: Ancient woodland status should be based on an assessment of the available evidence. This includes checking the ancient woodland inventory, examining old maps, documentary evidence and remnant manmade features, and assessing the species which occur on a site.

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