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Skill Horizons is more than just somewhere that teachers give lessons. We see ourselves as a facility where pupils learn for life. This allows our staff to be more than just highly qualified experts in their different subject areas. Their educational expertise and personal commitment make significant contributions to fostering our culture of mutual respect and cooperation.


We far exceeeded our expectaions on numbers, 2 RGR were so supportive and that made the project run smoothly, they even didn't mind when giving out more than 200 certificates to the eager children.

Some of the elements:

The main part was the delivery to Cheriton Primary School, there was also 3 other strands:

Community Days

There was supposed to be an open day at the end of the programme, but every year was so unique we wanted to give them the chance to showcase their achievements, so we did one every term for every Year Group

Young Carers

We had an actioned packed programme, that Shout was so excited about, we had done our research, completed a course in safeguarding and was ready with information signposting if requested

NEET/Youth Project

students to learn more about themselves and the way they interact with others to integrate better. Enhance self worth; feel included; develop interpersonal skills; understand success; and enjoy learning new skills.

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