Allotment gardening can play a key role in promoting mental well-being and could be used as a preventive health measure. environment, health promotion, mental health

Its official allotments are good for you!

We have been lucky to be funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust Fund to do Allotment programmes with both children and veterans, and combination of both. These projects have been very rewarding and the legacy pieces that remain 

Allotment Projects

2 different allotment projects from 2017-2020


At Skill Horizons we do many allotments or raised beds in schools, showing plant to plate.
Pictured below is 2 different community allotment projects. That had huge impact on social isolation, the social contact offered by gardening in an allotment environment helps to combat the lack of social capital embodied by loneliness, helps mental health and wellbeing, physical activity and so much more


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