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Outdoor Adventure Activity Sessions

Who knew outdoors could be so much fun!

We are an inclusive organisation and fully promote the many benefits of time spent outdoors for all children. We do participate in organised activities during school holidays and at weekend.


The Outdoor Adventure sessions is part of our registered Community Interest Company (CIC)  aims to serve its members by offering a wide range of outdoor activities to the wider community, mainly Kent.

We believe that outdoor activity is of huge benefit to our community and society in general. It is our aim to promote community well-being and social cohesion while encouraging healthy lifestyles and environmental awareness.

By operating as a 'not for profit' organisation, under the supervision of a board with a constitution, we feel we can promote and help provide access to a wide range of outdoor activities to those that attend our schools as well as the wider community.

We run activiites throughout the year in the community for free, through funding of our supporters, we are lucky to have funders who continue to support us, so we can support you

Activities: Base Camp

Bushcraft Activity Sessions

Participants enjoy bushcraft activities such as shelter building, fire lighting, tree identification, tracks and signs, tool use, carving and camp crafts.

Campfire Cooking

Cooking over the camp fire is a wonderful experience to offer all participants at Forest School. Following the principles of outdoor food safety, the process of preparing the resources and laying the fire; preparing, cooking and enjoying fresh quality food together


Archery is the art, sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. We have qualified Archery Instructors who use various bows from plastic for beginners through to feathered bows as they progress

Team Building MTA Kit

MTa STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Kit enables you to run fun and thought provoking activities with young people. You can use the activities to; provide a fun, memorable and challenging STEM experience; excite young people about STEM careers; and develop team and interpersonal skills.

Activities: Away from Basecamp

Rock Pooling

The Guide to Finding Marine Creatures For those that love the thrill of uncovering small and inquisitive species, rockpooling is a must-do activity. The rock pools are diverse habitats with a plethora of animals like crabs, fish, sea snails and starfish just waiting to be uncovered.

Beach Combing

Beachcombing: is a fun and enjoyable activity that many people like to take part in


Fossil Finding

Everyone, at some point in their lives, has been fascinated in fossils and dinosaurs, but not many people realise that many of England’s beaches are bursting with fossils. With a bit of knowledge and luck you can discover your own fossil and be the first person to have ever seen it!

Evade and capture

This adventure is for all ages. Think The Great Escape film or similar chase type theme movies, you have to escape, then travel through ‘enemy’ territory and reach the border and be rescued. The game will involve escapees and guards that are hunting you down

Fallow Field Campsite

For those staying at Fallow Fields Skill Horizons offer Bushcraft, Archery, Geocaching sessions in the morning and afternoon:


Sessions start end of May and run throughout the season until mid September. 


Keep the kids entertained, explore Selson Farm and learn new skills!

Our bush craft sessions will take place amongst the fruit trees on the farm and limited to 12 spaces per session which will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Strictly suitable for Children of 6 years and over


Get social with us.

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