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Having left the military after 23 years I worked at a local firm delivering employability. As I stood within those 4 walls delivering courses, I realised that to start making a difference, more was needed to be done as most of them weren’t fit for employment emotionally or socially, so I took a drastic decision to start my own company Skill Horizons. 


As a company we researched why society was failing the youth of today, and with the help of research by the YMCA the top 10 challenges facing society today is listed at the end of this speech.  


So, learning from what was needed, SH left the lovely warm structure of of a building, and delivered to the community bespoke packages in an outside environment. It was during this time that we realised by the time a person reached their late teens it was nearly too late, and the negative impact on society had taken a toll.


We went to KCC with a proposal and they funded us to do an Early Intervention programme with year 6 in Primary Schools in the Dover District. We didn’t just target the most deprived students, we targeted every child in that class, and actually the ones you think are okay are those putting on a brave face and most in need.  From this we could clearly see how early intervention, mindfulness and society plays a role in a child’s development and approach to life, and from these findings we are better placed to address the needs of children within society and gives us a greater understanding.


We engage from KS1 right up through to adults, and there is no age barrier to learning new skills, and things like stress, anxiety and depression isnt age related and can affect anyone. That is why we work on getting everyone to an outside environment, away from electronic gagdets, TV and the daiy stress of life, where everyone is equal and engaging in fun meaningful activities.


So why choose us: Because of our solid experience in the field and long list of previous projects completed demonstrate our reliability as a business partner. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and availability throughout.

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